Our Facility

Located on a 50-acre facility, with an additional 100 acres available for future growth, Construction Products, Inc. uses stringent quality control to produce a full range of precast and/or prestressed products for the highway, railroad, marina and construction industry. The varied product line includes prestressed bridge products, prestressed building products, floating concrete boat docks and many other precast products. An on-site batch plant produces all the high-strength concrete mixes that Construction Products, Inc. needs.

Building industry firms know they can count on a quality product. Construction Products, Inc. is a Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) certified precast/prestressed concrete production facility. This certification means the strictest quality control standards in the industry are followed. Our past projects and current construction projects are our best reference of our expertise and quality in this specialized business. Construction Products can design-build or custom build products to the client’s or architect’s specifications.

There are numerous benefits for choosing Construction Products for your precast/prestressed concrete needs. Let Construction Products, Inc. of Tennessee discuss those benefits with you. For more information, phone us at 731-668-7305 or 800-238-8226 or e-mail.

Construction Products follows strict technical specifications in our concrete batching facility. We generate the equivalent boiler horse power of a small ship in the nightly curing operation. Thirteen pre-stress beds, up to 320 feet long, are available.