Concrete Floating Boat Docks

Wade Thomson developed a patented concrete floating boat dock trademarked as Stress-Dock in 1973. This successful docking system can be seen at:

Baltimore Inner Harbor Marina, Baltimore, Maryland
U.S. Corps of Engineers – Cumberland River locations
Riverside Park, Nashville, Tennessee
Titans' Football LP Field Stadium Mooring Facility, Nashville, Tennessee
Kentucky State Parks
Tennessee State Parks

The precast, prestressed floating boat dock systems are low-maintenance docks that will last for decades. The docks bring the clean, uniform appearance of concrete to a marina. Concrete, being impervious to attack from ultraviolet light, petroleum products and hungry animals, is long lasting. Those three items wreak havoc on the floating foam of some marina systems. CPI’s floating concrete boat docks last for an indeterminate length of time. For example, Construction Products installed the still functioning docks in Baltimore Harbor in 1975.

The docks are prestressed and reinforced with a combination of galvanized steel and reinforcing fabric. A system of pipes and cables allow the floating docks to be linked together. Construction Products customizes the docks differently for fresh and salt water applications. Installation can be provided or CPI can work with the marina’s contractor.

Construction Products works in conjunction with architects and engineers in marina design. The custom-built docking system is shipped in sections for on-site assembly.