Railroad Products

An area of expansion for Construction Products is the building of railroad bridges. Components have been built to meet the Cooper Loading requirements for both Class One and Shortline Railroads. Bridge components by Construction Products, Inc. can be found in numerous completed projects including:

Shortline railroad bridges near Nashville, Tennessee
Class one railroad bridges in Pennsylvania,
Missouri, South Carolina and Indiana.

Construction Products’ precast, prestressed railroad products are designed with a stringent criteria for heavier loads. Use of the precast and prestressed products will reduce railway company maintenance. For example, the prestressed 100-year design-life spans, up to 75 feet long, are so much bigger than wooden spans that debris in storms can wash underneath them. This eliminates the need for maintenance-of-way (MOW) crews to clear dangerous pile-ups, speeds up traffic and effectively reduces the likelihood of fire damage to the structure.

Our rail product line includes:

  1. Piling
  2. Caps for beams
  3. Concrete beams
  4. Precast prestressed retaining walls for bridge abutments
  5. Deck panels