Highway, Bridge and Road Construction Products

Construction Products has furnished materials for bridges to carry any size vehicle from locomotives to golf carts, and everything in between. They conform to national and state regulations and specifications. Products include Bulb T beams up to 150 feet long and pilings up to 100 feet long. A brief sampling of projects includes:

Tennessee River Bridge approach spans at Paris Landing, Perryville and Savannah, Tennessee
Mississippi River Bridge approach spans at Caruthersville, Missouri
Buffalo River bridge on Interstate 40, Tennessee
Elk River Bridge at US 72 over Elk River, Alabama (via barge)
Interstate Bridges (over and under) on Interstates 24, 40, 65, 155, 240 and 440
Numerous secondary road bridges

Construction Products' Bridge and Highway Products line includes:

  1. Pilings for bridge foundations
  2. Box beams
  3. I beams
  4. Bulb T beams
  5. Deck panels
  6. Light poles
  7. Median barriers
  8. Security barriers
  9. Precast Bridge Slab Replacements- custom built for repair of older bridges